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For believers, calling upon angels does not negate God, as angels are aspects and messengers of a higher intelligence, created to aid us on our journey toward perfection. Whatever our belief system, surely a little loving, Divine Intervention never hurt anyone.

Following is a list with descriptions of the 15 Archangels most commonly known, and mentioned in Holy Judeo-Christian,

Hindu, or Muslim texts.

Included also is the

recently discovered

Archangel Nathaniel,

making the known,

benevolent archangels

16 in number.

Archangel Ariel ~ "Lioness of God." According to readings by the famous trance medium, Edgar Cayce, this archangel is said to dwell amongst the fallen ones. However, the insight given Cayce is unsubstantiated by Angelologists. They believe that Ariel helps with abundance, and works with Archangel Raphael to heal and protect animals and the environment. Associations to this archangel even include the ancient Gnostics, and King Solomon. Many Angelologists also believe Ariel can calm bad weather.

Azrael ~ "Whom God Helps". Azrael assists in the transition of departed souls to heaven. He is also associated with King Solomon and the Archangel Raphael. One would call on him to assist with grief and fear of what lies beyond the veil between Earth plane and ethereal existence.

Chamuel ~ "He Who Sees God". Chamuel helps us to find lost objects, people, and pets. Chamuel is the leader of the realm known as "The Powers" who connects us to the Tree of Life. He is one of ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah.

Gabriel ~ "Messenger of God". Gabriel helps writers, musicians, and teachers communicate effectively. Personifying both the feminine and masculine, Gabriel brings messages to and through those who ask for and seek Divine guidance. He also helps with situations related to children, especially regarding formulating their Life Path. Gabriel is perhaps most known for portending the forthcoming births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. 

Haniel ~ "Glory of God". Associated with the moon and planet Venus, Haniel addresses feminine physical and emotional issues. The prophet Enoch followed her to heaven, where he ascended to become the Archangel Metatron, with the help of Archangel Raguel. Haniel is another of the ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah.

Jeremiel ~ "Mercy of God". Jeremiel deals with the emotional side of our lives, as relates to forgiveness and positive change. He is on of the seven core archangels in ancient Jewish texts, who helps with prophetic vision and manifestation of desires.

Jophiel ~ "Beauty of God". Brings harmony to discordant situations, and beauty in the midst of clutter and confusion ~ i.e., Feng Shui. Jophiel helps organize our thoughts and helps create and sustain a clean environment. She is the patron of visual artists. The Torah describes her as an upholder and instructor of Divine cosmic law.

Metatron ~ Formerly known as the prophet Enoch, Metatron ascended to the angelic realms after living a virtuous life of spiritual service to humankind. He is the chief of the Sephiroth Kabbalistic archangels, who lead Moses in The Exodus from Egypt to Israel. Metatron helps with Indigo and Crystal Children. He represents higher thought and learning, and the crown chakra of ascension.

Michael ~ "He who is Like God". Michael oversees the angelic realm called "The Virtues". He performs heroic acts of Divine intervention, and clears away negativity and lower energies, also protecting us from psychic attacks and infringements upon our personal life space. He lends courage and protection to those who invoke him, working with Archangel Raphael to avert disease and suffering on any level.

Nathaniel ~ "God has Given". Newly discovered by Charles Virtue, eldest son to Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Archangel Nathaniel promotes good will and higher understanding of a New Age ilk. He helps us with our associations between our Life Path and collective purpose having incarnated at such a unique time in history. Nathaniel helps us stay grounded in the modern world, yet connected with the finer realms.

Raguel ~ "Friend of God". Helps avert and heal misunderstandings and ensures harmony and diplomacy when invoked. Raguel assisted Enoch in his ascension, and subsequent transformation into the Archangel Metatron. When any relationship requires healing, Raguel is the archangel to summon.

Raphael ~ "He who Heals". Raphael heals those who ask. He assists healers to administer both spiritual and physical healing techniques to humans and animals. He works with Archangel Michael to avert disease and suffering on any level. He is one of the seven canonized archangels and one of the three who visited the Patriarch Abraham. As he accompanied Tobias in his journey, Raphael will accompany those who ask and protect them from harm. 

Raziel ~ "Secrets of God". Some consider Raziel the embodiment of Divine wisdom. He helps with spiritual ruts, past life memories, and interpreting dreams. Resolving all issues with past life Karma, similar to the deity, Ganesh, he removes obstacles that hinder our growth in the present. Raziel knows the contents of the book of life, recorded in the third eye, which is the 6th chakra of every human being.

Sandalphon ~ Formerly the prophet Elijah, he is one of only two humans known to ascend to archangel status. Sandalphon works with Gabriel to help writers and musicians, especially of a spiritual bent. He works with Raphael to help healers heal. Moreover, Sandalphon assists in many areas, multitasking, when asked. He also calms aggression and helps deliver our prayers to the Creator. According to accounts by Moses, Sandalphon is the tallest angel.

Uriel ~ "God is Light". Uriel hails from the angelic realm, the "Seraphim", who sit closest to God. He illuminates our thoughts and minds with new ideas and helps us let go of bad or stagnant situations. According to Hebrew sacred texts, his roles are vast, as he cuts through the mire, with a quick and passionate response - especially regarding difficult circumstances. Uriel works in concert with the three commonly known archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, as a team. He was also the archangel who warned Noah of the impending flood.

Zadkiel ~ "Righteousness of God". Zadkiel works, along with Metatron, to heal our memory and other mental faculties. Some Biblical scholars believe that, in the story of Abraham, Zadkiel prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, his son. Zadkiel is the co-chieftain to Archangel Michael, with the Divine purpose of dispelling, dissipating, and obliterating lower energies.

Angel Blessings!

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