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Channeled by Angel Xyra, unless marked with an asterisk: *

Circle of Light Prayer:

"I am surrounded by a Circle of Light and an Armor of Love that no evil may penetrate!"

In the name of the Father-Mother God, my inner-Christ and Holy Spirit. And so it is! Amen." 

"I Am the peace I wish

to see in the world."

* (inspired by Gandhi) 

"Only good lies before me."

* (Louise Hay) 

"Worry is the absence of faith."

* (Fred Lieder) 

I Am Joyful!

"I am joyful, loving, and kind!"

I Am Protected!

"No one can harm me.

I am free of all influences that hamper my spiritual growth or threaten me in any way!

Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy Angels are with me, now, and stay with me always. They clear my home, my belongings, my loved ones and myself of all lower energies and discord. They protect me from harm, and send all earthbound entities around me into the light and love of the Holy Spirit for healing and transformation. Thank you, Archangel Michael!

I am free!

God's angels love and protect me.

I am invisible to my enemies! " 

Our Planet and Her Inhabitants are Healed

"Thank you, God, for sending your powerful archangels of Light and Love to cleanse all minds and hearts, and to bring Peace, NOW. 

God, please comfort and free the souls of all victims.

Further, I invoke Archangels Michael and Raphael to cleanse and heal the minds and hearts of those who perpetrate evil, in all directions of time, that they now know only Love, are disarmed, and inflict harm no more. 

It is in this invocation that I see a circle of brilliant Light cleansing our entire planet and her inhabitants. 

In compassion and light, I release all negative energy." 

I Live with Integrity, as God Sees All

"Dear Archangel Michael, help us resolve all issues!

I am able to apologize.

I take the high road.

I have faith.

I am grateful.

I am blessed.

I wish no harm to anyone, and no harm comes to me.

I am freed from all discord!"

I Have Faith!

Faith enables me to forget worry!

I have faith and therefore, I rise above worry.

Even in the face of despair, I recognize this truth. "

I Am Receptive to Divine Guidance!

"I am receptive to God's loving guidance, protection, and support! I am grateful to have overcome my doubts and contrariness. I hear and understand the Divine messages sent me! And I relax in the knowledge that all is well!" 

I Am Fearless!

" I see the blessings in MY LIFE!

All good things come to me!


I am fearless and relaxed in this knowledge.

I fear nothing. There is nothing to fear.

I accept the flow of love and protection given me by the benevolent archangels of Light and Love."

I Am Peaceful!

I visualize PEACE, and I AM PEACEFUL!

I TRUST LOVE, and my life SHINES with this realization! I AM LOVE, and I choose the path of LOVE, every day. I feel the Grace of God's Love and constant protection, NOW!"

I Am Creative

"My uniqueness speaks volumes about the creative force and diversity abiding within me and the universal consciousness. I am one with the creative force in all things. I shine as an embodiment of higher intelligence and Divine Will that inspires others. Through this higher will, I create all that is good and draw only positive results into my life. I express myself with integrity so that the higher powers may operate through me. I impart enlightening messages, that come from a higher source!"

I Am Grateful!

"My heart is filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for my many blessings!

I am grateful for my friends ~ seen, unseen, known and unknown. I am grateful for those in my life ~ human, animal, plant, and mineral. I am grateful for all experiences and lessons that make me who I am. I am grateful for the positive reality I create in the present." 

I Follow My True Self!

"I observe and control my ego. My True Self reveals the way to personal freedom. And so it is! Amen!" 

I Am Not Alone (for those seeking a partner)

"In this vast universe, there are many aspects of the One. Where there is one, there are others. Those of like mind exist, and there is someone designed exactly for me. I draw this person to me, NOW, by letting go of thoughts and images from and about the past. 

I change my thoughts and actions to attract only the people and circumstances I want in my life. I see that, somewhere, someone feels the same, and they too think they are alone. In truth, like a piece of a puzzle, there is a person who fits perfectly into my life, effortlessly. 

I ask that I am shown signs that I can easily understand. I know how to alter my current situation for the better. 

I accept my needs and act to ensure that my needs are met. I define and find the perfect person for my Higher good. I attract into my life only what and whom I want, NOW."  

I Am Blessed With Abundance!

"All of my needs are met, NOW.

I see abundance in my life, NOW.

My life is FREE of financial worries!

I attract more abundance into my life, NOW!

God, the Life Force of the Universe, is my undying source of abundance. All life and love flow from God, the First Creator, to me, and this source is never-ending! THANK YOU, God, for the realization that my thoughts have power! I think abundance, while feeling gratitude for what I have in the present.

I am free, and fulfilled by this Divine knowledge, forever!"

I Am Happy!

"I choose to focus my energies on a happy present. A happy present makes a happy future, NOW! I want to be happy, therefore, I AM!


I Make Positive Choices!

"I give power only to the good, and visualize only positive outcomes. I accept the present with gratitude, and attract pure goodness into my life! I make positive choices that serve the greater good for others and me. Every outcome shines with Divine Manifestation of God's intended plan. Every decision I make is based on LOVE, and never fear!"

I Am Confident and Successful!

"My position in life improves, always! I am highly-qualified and appreciated for all I do! I rise above fear, and attract only the positive into my life! All love, peace, harmony, success and abundance surround me. Everyone sees me as confident, genuine, and effective. I am healthy, happy, and harmonize with the Good. My present and future are brighter, NOW! I succeed in all GOOD ways!"

I Am Love!

"God loves me!

I love myself!

Others love me!

I love others!"

I Am Forgiving!

"I forgive, and embrace the present.

I forgive myself and others for perceived misdoings. I know that forgiveness can heal any situation. As I forgive myself and others, I release the past. As I release the past, I am able to feel the present.

I feel no blame.

I feel no shame.

I forgive, let go,

and I Am free!"  

I Attract a Bright Future!

I think attract what I truly want, and walk through the open doors leading to a lovely future!"

I Am on the Right Path!

Each person walks their own path, leading to the center of all things: Father-Mother God... Elohim... the First Creator."

I Am Healed!

"Archangel Michael of the cobalt blue ray of protection, and Archangel Raphael of the emerald green healing ray, please come to me, NOW!  

In the name of my inner Christ and all benevolent forces in the universe, I ask for a complete healing and cleansing of my body, mind, and spirit. 

Please give me signs and instructions that I can easily understand as to how I can improve my overall health, NOW! Guide all medical professionals working with me to do only what is necessary and best for my ultimate well-being, NOW.  

God is the source of all Love, and I choose LOVE over fear! I am free from feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry. I trust God and accept that I am alright. 

I am surrounded by a circle of Light and an armor of Love ~ in the name of the Father-Mother, Christ and Holy Spirit who work through the Archangels to protect me from all lower energies that cause disease. I fully accept their healing light, emanating from the heart and mind of God.

Thank you, Archangels for carrying God's healing light to me. I realize and accept the Light and Love that surround and protect me, always! 

I know that all miracles are possible, and feel the healing power of God's love fill my heart with joy and comfort. 

All peace and perfection reside within me, NOW, and in all directions of time. I am a perfectly healthy child, enveloped in a cocoon of light and love!" 

There is No Death!

"I do not fear death, mine or any other's.

There is no death, only a continuation of life in another form. Loved ones hear and see me from the other side, and I send them my love. Should they reincarnate, I know I will see them again, if Karma necessitates. Those who passed on are being healed by the angels. I send them my love and forgiveness, that I might also heal. I feel healthy and refreshed in the knowledge that only the seasons of our lives change. We and all we know will emerge anew!"

I Receive a Restful Night's Sleep!

"Benevolent Archangels, before I lay down to rest, I ask that you stand guard on the north, south, east and west sides of my home, surrounding it with Divine Light and Love! I am willing to release all of my worries so that the pockets of my soul are emptied for the night. Please stay by my side, that I may always sleep peacefully, and awaken rested, refreshed, grateful and optimistic."

All is Well

"I am well.

I am free of worry.

I release the past.

I am here, now.  

I am Grateful for my Beautiful, Blessed Life!

"I am grateful for all blessings that I have in this life, and thankful...also for all of the good things headed my way! Thank you for my beautiful, stress-free life, filled with an abundance of all good situations, people, opportunities, and positive energy!"

Benevolent Beings Are With Me!

"Thank you to all of the forces for Good in the Universe! Thank you for my many friends, seen and unseen. I am grateful that I am protected. God's powerful archangels are with me, always. Even if I cannot see them, I have invited benevolent beings of Love and Light into my life, to stay!"  

My Heart is Open to Love!

"My heart is open to love, beyond any hate or fear. In fact, my heart is open even to those who disrespect others and reject the Good. Through Goodness and Light, they will succumb to Goodness and Light. I know that in pure Light, there is no darkness."

I Rise Above Anger!

"If ever I witness anger in others or myself, I retreat into LOVE. I replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I replace negative words with positive words. I replace negative actions with positive actions. I always remain aware, calm, and patient. No one has the capacity to upset me. God and the Archangels calm me!"

I Pray for All Beings Who Experience Disaster!

"God, in your infinite wisdom, please heal, comfort, and free all who suffer natural and human disasters! Believers know that there is a plan, no matter how terrible the physical reality appears. Sometimes, the innocent appear to be used as examples, which we find hard to accept.

Many of Earth's inhabitants suffer because of natural disasters, and/or human error. Most notable is the error of human greed, concerning the use of nuclear and other forms of unstable or unclean energy that potentially plague us all. In the face of such repercussions, we ask that you spare the innocent, and make the perpetrators aware that:

1) We let the whales and dolphins, who are the angels of the sea, live in peace and not exploit the environment, or any life forms, in any way!

2) We will not implement nuclear energy, as we do not fully understand or know how to control it! Atlantis fell, from misuse of such powerful energies!

Please make clear your intentions, Dear God, and angelic beings of Love, Light, and Justice!

Human beings need clear answers, and precise instructions, NOW!

My prayer for all human beings is that they understand the Law of Karma, and correct, immediately, any ill thoughts, words, and/or actions that may harm others, including the natural environment on planet Earth.

God, please Spare the innocent…NOW and forevermore! And as you do this, hold the mirror of truth before the perpetrators of evil; impose justice on the guilty, and allow redemption for those seeking forgiveness in earnest, from the heart."

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