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Angel Xyra

Xyra, as she prefers being called, is committed to the welfare of our animal companions, as well as the integrity of our natural Earth environment.

A Universalist, Xyra grew from Christian roots, baptised in the Lutheran church. She later became an Episcopalian. At age 12, she began to realize that the church could not answer her many questions about inequality and injustices she saw in our world. Thus, she branched out and expanded her view to embrace the idea of Karma and reincarnation, akin to Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and other Christians before her.

Xyra's goal is to understand why we are here and what we can do to improve our lives and the lives of others. The Golden Rule... treating others as we wish to be treated, and the Wiccan creed message, "Harm None" loom largely in Xyra's everyday life.

Her philosophy rests on the belief that we must realize our true nature as spiritual. Xyra believes that this realization is vital to attaining genuine happiness, thus better enabling us to serve the greater good. Focusing on the goals, and gifts of the individual is perhaps one of her best qualities. 

Xyra keeps an open heart and mind to receive Divine guidance from the source of all knowledge, transcending caste, physical age, race, sexual orientation, or creed. 

Xyra does not judge others for their religious beliefs or adhere to any dogma or denomination laid out by human means. She trusts that God, The Great Spirit in all things, will show His/Her face to anyone desiring enlightenment. In Xyra's view, all aspirant paths lead to the center. She acknowledges reincarnation, applying the understanding and implications of Karma and the power of The Law of Attraction in our lives. 

Over the years, Xyra has investigated and/or become certified in various religious and spiritual disciplines, to include Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing, and Angel Therapy®. Following in her maternal grandfather's footsteps, she joined the Rosicrucian Order, but felt it too rigid to stay. 

Her quest for truth has led her to explore the teachings and wisdom of Lord Jesus, the Buddha, the Hopi indigenous American tribe, Rudolf Steiner, Swami Yogananda, and The Dalai Lama. Practitioners, psychics and writers that have inspired Xyra include: Edgar Cayce, Ernest Holmes, Arthur Ford, Isabel Hickey, Venice Bloodworth, Ruth Montgomery, Louise Hay, Jason Miller, Silver Ravenwolf, Steven Farmer, and Doreen Virtue, among others.

Xyra received Angel Therapy Practitioner® training and certification in Kona, Hawaii by metaphysician, and Hay House author, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (Doreen has since converted to Christianity and no longer practices channeling or any form of occult or New Thought teachings.)  

Receiving Reiki training and certification from Reiki Master and President of the Alva Center for Holistic Healing, Sarjoni Alva Changkakoti has further enhanced Xyra's understanding of faith and energy healing.  

Related experience:

  • Xyra studied Zen Buddhist Meditation and Buddhist philosophy, beginning at age 17. This built a foundation of compassion for all living creatures and an understanding of the true meaning of the word "Christ".
  • Practicing Kundalini Yoga under the venerable Yogi Bhajan, from age 19 to 21, led to a greater grasp of how the chakras and etheric bodies work along with the denser and emotional physical bodies.
  • She learned about “Psychometry”, and “Clairvoyance vs Telepathy” from the honorable Reverend Anne Gehman, which confirmed a strong sensitivity to invisible forces witnessed in Xyra's early childhood.
  • Metaphysical workshops and psychic readings by master teacher, and founder of the National Spiritual Science Center, Reverend Diane Nagorka helped Xyra realize, through her own past life regressions, how our past lives can both limit and liberate each of us.
  • In recent years, Xyra hosted a spiritual, online talk show tagged,"Where Glass Birds Fly" on Mix Talk Radio.

Presently, Xyra counsels others by appointment, preferably via personal recommendation.

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