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Winter Solstice Born 

Under a Full Moon

by Angel Xyra

One Winter Solstice birthday, during a full moon, I received a message from archangels I intuited as Michael and Gabriel. It happened to be my birthday, so this blessing was a gift that appeared as a poignant vision accompanied by soft, yet harrowing words.  

They showed me a tremendous diamond, perhaps miles wide and deep, with more colors radiating from it than I have seen in the physical world. It was the center chakra of the supreme being, in a manner of speaking. From each facet of its brilliance shone a powerful archangel. 

The message was as follows:

"We, the [benevolent] angels and archangels, are facets of the center of the undying, sustainable energy and Divine intelligence you call God. We bring messages, yes, but are one and the same as the infinite source, not separate. You will know us through integrity and love.

Lower energies of the fallen ones try to emulate us, but cannot. Know us by our concern and love for all of creation.

All that exists from the center of pure love is being nurtured, healed and preserved by us... we who are the facets of the One Divine Mind."

Added to this message, later, as I typed: "Those impure in intention for the well-being of the all, by their own egos or misused free will must and will be swept away. Pray in earnest for Divine protection from false prophets and delusion. We are here to help. We are facets of the great Holy Spirit."

A note about Christmas: "Your Christ Jesus was one with The One, but wearing a physical body, he was overcome in the Earth realm. Blessed are they who hear and seek to understand His message of love, humility, and tolerance. Know the true sages their great love for the world and the Heavenly source of all life."

And they continued... "By our love and compassion, you will know us. Heed our warnings, and feel the Grace that comes to those who first willfully and then humbly seek solace in accepting and being one with the Divine Love... the One Mind, also invoked as The Great Spirit, Creator, The Father-Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit."


Angel Xyra

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