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"Xyra was born to help. She has helped me overcome many hardships, with her connection to the Divine and help of the angels. I encourage anyone willing to better themselves to reach out to Xyra. You will not be disappointed. She has guided me on the right path." ~ Lance F.

"Xyra is very kind, and I am going to follow her advice very closely. She is a very wise person. The setting where she gives her readings is absolutely beautiful!" ~ A. DeRosa 

"Xyra is the real thing! She knows details that could not be gives me chills every time I tell my story. She also gives sound advice ~ following her suggestions has greatly improved my life. I highly recommend her, and can't wait to see her again!" ~ Britney E. 

"I highly recommend Xyra - I discovered who my angels were with her help!" ~ Matthew K.

"My experience with Xyra was actually life-changing! When I first went to her, my life was spinning out of control! I was in an extremely bad relationship - borderline dangerous, and drinking way too much! I had lost track of who I was and what I was about. I have always been a very spiritual person, ignoring that side of myself, due to all the bad stuff swirling around me that I was letting into my life, at that moment. I woke up one day and realized I needed to find someone that could help me organize my thoughts and get back on track, so I found Xyra, which truly was one of the best things that happened to my adult life. She knew everything about me, after 5 minutes! Then she gave me advice on how I should move forward. So I broke things off almost immediately after that. A week later, I met my soul mate and married 6 months later! Life couldn't be better!!! I owe a lot to Xyra!!! I have been back to see her for a few more readings and she always amazes me on how much she knows. She is, in my opinion, a little angel God put on earth to help others and she does a great job!"~ Monica N.

"Xyra is truly a genuine person. I felt that she was very compassionate and empathetic. I loved that she listened. I came in with career and relationship worries, and she relayed messages from the angelic realm. I left feeling lighter and more positive about the direction my life will go. Even as I first met her, I got great vibes. When first talking to her, I felt that she was a close friend." ~ Lisa Tucker

"God Bless you, Xyra and the angels! With your prayer of love, light, protection, and guidance, Huckleberry, my indoor/ outdoor cat, miraculously came home after being missing. It was a very distressing time, with frigid temperatures, and two foxes roaming the neighborhood. "Huck" went out on a Saturday afternoon and was still missing on Sunday evening. I called Xyra after she had emailed me an Angel Prayer to help find Huck. While on the phone with her, in mid-Angel Prayer, Huck miraculously appeared at the kitchen door! I am so grateful to Xyra and the Angels for guiding Huckleberry home to me. Thank you! ~ Lesley K. Smith

"Xyra has been a great guide and excellent source of inspiration to me. She is kind, compassionate, and a great listener. She aptly interprets the messages she receives from the angelic realm and is very patient in explaining to you how it applies to your current situation. She goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the message and benefit from the reading. I would definitely recommend a reading with Xyra!" ~ Viji Sagar

"To all who sometimes know the truth, yet are AFRAID to open up and allow the angels to serve, whenever they are called upon: My name is Debra, and my story is a simple one. Through Xyra, the ascended masters and archangels truly helped me. This is a great belief system! To all believers and unbelievers out there ~ ask Xyra for help and I promise you will be 100% satisfied! She is The Real Deal!" Thank you, Xyra ~ sincerely! ~ Deborah C.

“I started working with Xyra when I began working with my own abilities in spiritual and Angelic realms. At the time, I didn't quite understand what was happening, or how to move forward in communicating with and learning from the higher realms. Xyra took the time to explain to me how to communicate with the angels, and how to open myself up spiritually to receive and understand communications from them. She used her own abilities and intuitions in working with Angels and spirit guides to demonstrate how best I can go through my own journey. In addition to her work with Angels, Xyra is an excellent source of information on how to use crystals, cards, herbs, candles, prayer, and meditation to keep myself protected and in communication with beings of Light. Xyra is quite literally a God-send! I highly recommend working with Xyra in any capacity.” ~ Tracy Forgue 

 "Xyra possesses a profound gift that is finally being realized and utilized in positive ways." ~ Charles C.

"Xyra is quite gifted. I truly enjoyed my reading!"

~ Linda Lee Jacobowitz

"Xyra is a miracle worker! I had a severe migraine for over 24 hours...medicine and sleep didn't get rid of the pain. Within five minutes, Xyra and the archangels stopped the pain, and I felt completely better. It was such a relief!!! Thank you so much, Xyra and the archangels for your help!!! It came at the right time, and I will contact you again!" ~ Monique Hahn

"The angels were clearly at work when they brought Xyra and me together. She is not only an empathic listener, but also she provided me with exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you, Xyra!” ~ Kelli Thomas

"Our Newfoundland-Lab, Ursa could not walk well without assistance. In fact, I had to slide a towel under her belly and lift up her hips to get her up our driveway. In an effort to cure Ursa, Xyra asked a Wiccan friend to join forces in ritual and prayer. Xyra summoned Archangels Michael and Raphael, and Saint Francis, in Christ's name. When Ursa heard Xyra say the Holy names, she seemed to understand and looked very intently at Xyra. Xyra was spiritually guided to give Ursa some crystals to wear around her neck, which Ursa chose by kissing certain stones in Xyra's hand. Xyra placed the stones in a pouch she tied to Ursa's collar. Ursa regained three full years of mobility, rolling in the grass and enjoying life, with the Divine help facilitated by Xyra and Inis." ~ A. C.

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